Get $100 NFL Shop Gift Card Right Now

$100 NFL Shop Gift Card

American people have a chance to win a $100 NFL shop gift card with just five simple clicks.

Program Requirements
To earn an incentive, you must:
1) be a U.S. resident 18 years or older;
2) provide accurate and complete registration information;
3) complete the survey questions;
4) view optional offers;
5) complete the requisite number of Silver, Gold and Platinum offers which are split into two tiers based on the incentive’s value.

For Tier 1 incentives with a value of $100 or less, complete 1 Silver, 1 Gold and 2 Platinum offers.
For Tier 2 incentives with a value of more than $100, complete 1 Silver, 1 Gold, and 8 Platinum offers.
You must complete all offers within 20 days from when you complete your first offer.

Completion of offers usually requires a purchase or entering into a paid subscription program for goods or services. Incentives are limited to one incentive of any kind per household (persons living at the same address) within any twelve calendar month period for a Tier 1 incentive.

You must wait 24 calendar months after you claim a Tier 2 incentive before you can claim another Tier 2 incentive. The Representative Offer Chart describes the terms of several offers including a description of the offer, the initial commitment, ongoing obligations and how to cancel.

We reserve the right to substitute a gift card of greater or equivalent value for any incentive. Failure to submit accurate registration information, complete the survey questions or comply with claim verification process will result in disqualification.

We verify your registration information and if it’s inaccurate, the pages with the Gold, Silver and Platinum offers may not be displayed. If that happens, you won’t be eligible to earn an incentive.

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