Frequently Asked Questions

What are Tasks and Why do i Need to Complete a Task?

You need to complete a task to verify your email address. Tasks are different offers from the sponsors (e.g. Get iTunes Gift Card). For every survey that you complete or every app you install, sponsors pay us a very small amount of money (like 0.50c to 0.80c) which we use to bear all expenses( servers, proxies and scripts).

Problem Completing Tasks

The easiest one to complete are the PIN Submits, these only require SMS confirmations and that's all. After you do it just wait few mins and it should bring you message if successful.

Make sure you disable AdBlock while completing task. If you still can't complete task try different browser.

In case you are not completing SMS PIN Submit offers, make sure you go through surveys carefully and patiently, and wait for each page to load completely. If survey asks you to download app, do it. Sometimes, it's not just enough to download app, you must install it and open for a few seconds. Don't worry these are legitimate software's and apps, not viruses.

Also, read the instructions while completing surveys and don't forget to UNSUBSCRIBE from PIN SUBMIT offers immediately to avoid any charges.

Can You Select Multiple Options?

When you are on the second page there are four options, you can choose all of them if you want. We recommend going for just one option or just the other 3 options, that's the optimal way and will not cause any errors.