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Hello gamers, today we want to share with you one awesome service called Valid Steam Keys where you can get free Steam keys for almost all games. This service is free to use.

Free Steam keys have become very popular these days. Have you ever wondered how people get free Steam keys? You are in the right place! We want to share with you a service where you can get them for yourself or for your friends.

Today you even don’t need to buy DVDs to download and run games on your PC. You just need Steam keys to download games on your computer. This solution is way better than disks.

How to get free Steam Keys?

To get Steam keys simply go to this website: Free Steam Keys and select the game that you want and wait for an automated process to find the unused Steam key for you. After about 30 seconds the system will generate a unique link with your key.

Click on the link to download your key. In some cases, the system will ask you to complete one quick task from Valid Steam Keys sponsors to unlock the full key. This protection is developed to stop automated bots from stealing keys.

After you completed a task and got your Steam key then you can open your Steam client and redeem the key. Below you can watch a simple video tutorial on how to get free Steam keys and redeem them on Steam.

Magic Steam Key (Random Keys)

Valid Steam Keys service has one more awesome service for you. Every day you can get one random Steam key for totally free and without any tasks or completing a sponsor offer.

The magic Steam key is a unique service used for winning a random Steam key every single day. Test your luck with just one click on the magic box.

Open a Magic Box and test your luck: Magic Steam Key

Keep in mind that you need to be fast because they add new random keys every day, so if someone clicks before you – the key may be already redeemed.

magic steam key box

If you got a message from Steam “already redeemed”, don’t worry, just frequently visit the magic box section to check when is a new key added to the magic box. This info is on the top of the Magic Box page.

All keys provided by Valid Steam Keys are provided by the developers and only the developers can create valid product keys for the Steam platform. That is why we highly recommend that you use the Valid Steam Keys service for getting free Steam keys.

Using this service is 100% safe to use and it is SSL protected. The site is updated every day and new game keys are added often. This service is perfect for everyone who wants to download valid Steam keys for totally free.

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