GetProductCode is definitely the number one free activation codes site in the United States. Our company reach over 5 million unique users every single month (comScore). We are trailblazers in the casual gaming area, developing and distributing innovative, irreverent, addictive free product codes for games and softwares.

What We Do at GetProductCode

Listen to our users!

GetProductCode consumers know what they wish. We develop it easy for them to tell us, with reviews, ratings, favorites, new keygens, free cd keys and uploads.

Provide fresh unused codes

GetProductCode launches a lot more than a dozen new product codes every few days. We present games and softwares from tons of independent developers, spread around the globe

Lead the way

GetProductCode is a leader in the free game codes and softwares cd keys. We are honored to represent keygens and developers that break the mold and redefine online games. Through sponsorships, game licensing, and development deals, we are one of the leading supporters of the keygen development community.


It is our purpose to provide a working cd keys and product codes all for FREE. The team behind GetProductCode is passionate about video games and dedicated to delivering great service to it’s visitors and customers. Expanding our network benefits both us and our customers.By being able to provide our visitors more and better free codes we can continuously improve their experience and offer our customers competitive costs.

Our employees

We are passionate about video games and our sites are designed to give our visitors the best possible user-experience and the biggest collection of free product codes for games and softwares to be found anywhere on the internet. Together with our partners we are determined to develop on our success and establish a premier network for gamers around the globe.

We have a close team and we believe that making a positive environment for our employees not only enhances productivity and stimulates creativity. It is the foundation from which we build a stable, well organized and healthy company.

Our development and design teams use the Keygen technique. We have Certified Keygen Masters to ensure that the Key Generator principles are applied properly.The team members are involved in every aspect of the development of the final product, which ultimately leads to a high quality product in short cycles. This means that the delivered product-keygen works 100 %, has been tested and meets our very high quality standards.

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